On 24th May, Mr. CHEN Jiameng, the Chief Executive of the Government of Tianhe District, Guangzhou led a visit to Netherlands. During the visit, the delegation and the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce held a successful meeting to discuss about the future cooperation between the two sides to facilitate the development of Tianhe District. The Managing Director of Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Danny van den Heuvel attended the meeting. During the meeting, the delegation and one of the attending representatives from enterprises, Mr. Flexx, reached initial cooperation intention.

Guangzhou Tianhe Central Business District (Tianhe CBD) is one of the three major national central business districts in China (along with Beijing CBD and Shanghai Lujiazui CBD). Tianhe CBD is the area with the most dense skyscrapers over 300 meters in China, and also the area with the most densely populated Fortune 500 companies in Guangzhou. It is home to 13 headquarters of multinational companies, 3 headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, and 140 Fortune 500 companies. There are 184 project institutions and 20 domestic top 500 enterprises.

The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce (NCHK) is a bilateral organization whose mission is to support the development of broadly understood Dutch-Chinese contacts at the level of enterprises, organizations and economic institutions in the Netherlands and China. It offers a professional consulting service to companies from the both countries and promotes the exchange of information and experiences as well as the development of relations with institutions abroad.