November 5th to November 10th: Guangzhou Financing Lease Industry Alliance Delegation Visits Financial Institutions and Financing Lease Companies in Germany and France

Under the organization of the SEAECE Association, from November 5th to November 10th, 2023, the Guangzhou Financing Lease Industry Alliance delegation visited financial institutions and financing lease companies in Germany and France, including the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bonn), Deloitte’s German headquarters in Dusseldorf, KNS Lease Company in Paris, Le groupe La Centrale de Financement Company in Paris, etc.

The Guangzhou Financing Leasing Industry Alliance was established in December 2013. The Alliance’s mission is to build an information exchange platform between the government and enterprises, as well as between enterprises. Its objectives include promoting national laws and regulations, disseminating government incentives, collecting and organizing the needs of Alliance member units, publishing tender projects, showcasing enterprise demand information, facilitating project connections and business cooperation, and serving as a bridge and link for enterprise alliance, with the aim of promoting the continuous growth and strengthening of financing leasing companies in Guangzhou.

During their visit, they discussed the conditions and procedures for investment companies to obtain financing lease licenses in Germany and France; European carbon reduction financial policy support, including cross-border business of carbon emission rights financing lease; the current situation of the European green financing lease industry, including innovative models, standardized products, and applications of green financing lease; significant impacts of changes in laws and policies in Germany and France on financing lease businesses, as well as factors to consider in conducting cross-border financing lease business; and shared relevant cases and experiences.