Visits of SWUPL in France on human rights

Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) is the earliest higher political and legal institution in China. It is the Chinese university that trains the most professionals in law. Now the University has the Civil and Commercial Law School (Intellectual Property School), Law School, International Law School, Criminal Investigation School (National Security Institute), Politics and Public Management School etc. It has also The Human Rights Research Institute which is a substantive scientific research institution directly under the school. It is mainly engaged in human rights consultation, human rights theoretical research, human rights practice research, human rights education and training, and human rights external publicity. In July 2014, it was selected as the New Office of the State and the National Human Rights Education and Training Base of the Ministry of Education, in June 2017, it was selected as a national high-end think tank construction and training unit, in September 2017, he became the first batch of member units of the University’s High-end Think Tank Alliance.

In September, the delegation from the Human Rights Research Institute of SWUPL met with the Human Rights Institute of Lyon Catholic University, to discuss the human rights and explore the possibility of cooperation.

Founded in Lyon in 1985, the Human Rights Institute of Lyon (IDHL) is a university institute of higher education which provides technical and specialized training in the field of human rights. One of the characteristics of IDHL is its intercultural dimension. Foreign students represent almost half of the total workforce, the education provided takes this diversity into account through the themes addressed. This dimension is a source of wealth on the human level and contributes to the quality of the training provided within the framework of the Institute. It is also consistent with the Institute’s desire to remain attentive to the great challenges of contemporary world society: globalization and identity conflict, violence and the process of reconciliation, new models of development and the ethics of law.

The delegation had a discussion with Professor Andre DIZDAREVIC, Dr. Florence WADY (Director of the Department of International Affairs of IDHL), and Professor Roger Koussetogue KOUDE. The two sides said that they can carry out exchanges and cooperation, and exchange students for learning, exchange teachers for lectures. In research, they could carry out publications of international journals, international academic conferences, cross-cultural studies cooperation. Professor Zhao Shukun from SWUPL emphasized that China has many unique experiences in human rights practice, and hoped that the IDHL ould establish a long-term exchange and cooperation mechanism with SWUPL and work together to play an important role in deepening human rights dialogue between China and the West Countries.