On April 19, the Qingyang Aviation New Area Promotion Conference « Cultural Qingyang, Aviation New Area, China & Italy Intelligence Union » hosted by the People’s Government of Qingyang District, Chengdu, and organised by Qingyang Investment Promotion Bureau and Chengdu New Aviation City Construction Development Co., was held successfully in Milan, Italy. More than 20 institutions, including Italian Aerospace Network (IAN), Italian National Transport Association, promo Italia, Italian Aviation Association in Malta, Italy China Council Foundation, Sino-Italian Association for International Cooperation, etc., attended the conference.

The conference introduced in detail the industrial layout and development opportunities of Qingyang District and released a list of investment opportunities. Qingyang District sincerely invites Italian enterprises to visit and invest in Qingyang District of Chengdu City, hoping that Qingyang will become a service station for Italy to enter Chengdu, a transit station for Italy to go to China, and to support Italy to prosper and develop its business.

As the economic center of Chengdu, Qingyang District is not only the five oldest urban districts of Chengdu, but also a very important aviation industry base as well as a research and production base for large parts of international civil aircraft. It is also known as the « Aviation New Area. » With the Qingyang Headquarters Economic Base (Aviation System Technology Innovation Industrial Park), Qingyang Information Optoelectronics Industrial Park, Sichuan International Innovation Design Industrial Park, Chengdu Tianfu Cultural Park, etc., Qingyang is no doubt one of the most dynamic, diverse and economically-developed areas.

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