Treasure of China – Wang Zhiwen Ceramic Calligraphy Appraisal in Barcelona

Organised by Shantou Wang Zhiwen Ceramic Calligraphy Museum, Reial Cercle Artístic (Spain), and co-organised by Sino-European Association of Educational & Cultural Exchange (SEAECE), « Wang Zhiwen Ceramic Calligraphy Appraisal » was held on 3rd July at the Reial Cercle Artístic Pavilion in Barcelona, Spain, where Wang Zhiwen demonstrated the creation of ceramic calligraphy on the spot.

Mr. Hu Aimin, Deputy Consul General and Ms. Liang Juan, Vice Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Barcelona, Mrs. Montserrat Simal Vazquez, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Palau Martorell and Secretary General of the World Peace Forum Barcelona, Mr. Joan Abelló, Director of International Relations and Protocol of the Royal Arts of Barcelona, Mr. Luis Gómez, Honorary Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona, and Mr. Sergi Vicente, Director of Barcelona Television, as well as dozens of famous Spanish artists and collectors, as well as overseas Chinese leaders and collectors gathered to appreciate the art works of Master Wang Zhiwen, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, and Representative Heirloom of National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ceramic Micro Calligraphy.

The association was impressed by Master Wang Zhiwen’s profound attainments in Chinese traditional art and invited Master Wang Zhiwen to join Reial Cercle Artístic, and conducted a grand ceremony for this valuable moment.

Master Wang Zhiwen also solemnly signed his name on the member book of the Royal Society of Artists, which has the signatures of King Alfonso XIII of Spain and a group of famous Spanish artists. This membership book has a history of more than 120 years, the famous painter Picasso is also one of the members of the Society, Miro, one of the three most famous painters in Spain has all signed on this precious membership book.

Wang Zhiwen, Professor of Chinese Arts and Crafts, director and representative of the ceramic micro-calligraphy project, recognised as a national cultural heritage. He is Winner of the title of « Top Ten Most Popular Chinese Traditional Skills », Cultural Ambassador for Intellectual Property in China, Vice-Chairman of the Guangdong Province Arts and Crafts Association and President of the Shantou City Arts and Crafts Association. Professor Wang Zhiwen has made remarkable achievements in the art of ceramic micro-calligraphy and has actively promoted this art by establishing exhibition halls, setting up artistic research centres and participating in artistic exchanges at home and abroad.

Meeting Between Guangzhou Tianhe and German-Chinese Business Network

A successful meeting between the delegation of Guangzhou Tianhe and the German-Chinese Business Network (DCW) was held successfully in Cologne this July. Led by Mr. CHEN Jianrong, the Chief Executive of Government of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, the delegation conducted a visit to Cologne, with the intention to seek international cooperation opportunities.

During the meeting, DCW and Tianhe have agreed to cooperate, and DCW will host a special presentation of Guangzhou Tianhe District for German companies in Germany.

The German-Chinese Business Network (DCW) is an important organisation that has always been committed to promoting the development of economic and trade relations between Germany and China. Founded nearly 40 years ago, the DCW has more than 350 members and its advisory board includes executives from well-known German companies such as OBI and Deichmann. The organisation is the German member of the EU-China Business Association and the official German partner of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). As a bilateral economic promotion organisation in Germany, the organisation is willing to continue to practice its independence and public welfare, and make positive contributions to the deepening of bilateral trade and investment cooperation.

Meeting Between Guangzhou Tianhe and Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce

On 24th May, Mr. CHEN Jiameng, the Chief Executive of the Government of Tianhe District, Guangzhou led a visit to Netherlands. During the visit, the delegation and the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce held a successful meeting to discuss about the future cooperation between the two sides to facilitate the development of Tianhe District. The Managing Director of Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Danny van den Heuvel attended the meeting. During the meeting, the delegation and one of the attending representatives from enterprises, Mr. Flexx, reached initial cooperation intention.

Guangzhou Tianhe Central Business District (Tianhe CBD) is one of the three major national central business districts in China (along with Beijing CBD and Shanghai Lujiazui CBD). Tianhe CBD is the area with the most dense skyscrapers over 300 meters in China, and also the area with the most densely populated Fortune 500 companies in Guangzhou. It is home to 13 headquarters of multinational companies, 3 headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, and 140 Fortune 500 companies. There are 184 project institutions and 20 domestic top 500 enterprises.

The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce (NCHK) is a bilateral organization whose mission is to support the development of broadly understood Dutch-Chinese contacts at the level of enterprises, organizations and economic institutions in the Netherlands and China. It offers a professional consulting service to companies from the both countries and promotes the exchange of information and experiences as well as the development of relations with institutions abroad.