Visit of the delegation from Nanxun in Samois-sur-Seine

Recently, a delegation from Nanxun of ZheJiang visited in Samois-sur-Seine in France, the delegation is composed of four investment groups of Nanxun.

Zhe Jiang is one of the most developed provinces in China, Nan Xun is one of the oldest cities in China. The ancient city of Nan Xun is on the list of World Cultural Heritage. In Nan Xun, the infrastructures are in high performance, and the city has updated many projects to protect bridges with a hundred even a thousand years of history, and the tourism industry is also developed there.

After Chinese President XI Jinping’s visit to France in April, the Chinese government and more and more companies are attaching importance to cooperation with those of France. The two Presidents also spoke of infrastructure projects and cultural projects.

This time, the NanXun delegation met with Mr. Didier Maus, Mayor of Samois-sur-Seine, to talk about the current situation of tourism, agriculture, and urban planning in the Fontainebleau area, and conduct a visit. At the same time, they talked about how could Nanxun learn from the development model of Fontainebleau.

The delegation from Zunyi Vocational and Technical College in France

Zunyi Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time general vocational college that integrates agriculture, commerce, science, engineering, and literature. The delegation comes from the Automotive Engineering School of Zunyi Vocational and Technical College. The Automotive Engineering School has more than one thousand students and has a dual-teacher team consisting of safety assessment engineers, research associate, and engineers. Now the School has five majors: automotive inspection and maintenance technology, new energy vehicle technology, automotive marketing and service, automotive application and maintenance, and automotive electronics technology.

In January 2019, the State Council of China specifically issued a national vocational education reform implementation plan, proposing that vocational education and general education are two different types of education and have equal importance. Since the Reform and Opening Up, vocational education has provided powerful talents and intellectual support for China’s economic and social development. As China enters a new stage of development, industrial upgrading and economic restructuring continue to accelerate, the demand for technical personnel in all industries is becoming increasingly urgent, and the importance of the role of vocational education is becoming more and more prominent. However, compared with developed countries, and with the requirements of building a modern economic system and building a strong country in education, there are still many problems in China’s vocational education, such as inadequate system construction, vocational skills training base construction needs to be strengthened, insufficient motivation for enterprises to participate in teaching, and uneven quality levels of school and personnel training. The report pointed out that without modernization of vocational education, there is no modernization of education. Therefore, a number of vocational education reform programs have been proposed, one of which is to promote the integration of industry and education, and the dual education system between the enterprises and schools.

This time, the delegation wanted to know the system and philosophy of vocational education in France, because vocational education in France is very advanced which combines education and employment, and it is a dual system or apprenticeship system. In France, in addition to theory classes, there are also classes in factories, combining theory with practice. Students may sign the internship at the factory, and also sign directly a contract with the company, they can directly work there after graduation. The delegation met with Mr. Olivier FRANÇOIS, the President of Caf-Carrosserie, and Ms. Lardé FRANÇOISE, the President of Château d’Épluches High School, to learn about the vocational education of the automotive industry.

Château d’Épluches High School is an automotive and transport high school based in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône with about 70 years of history. The main training majors are engines and auto mechanics CAP, metal structures CAP, transport handling warehousing CAP, engines and auto mechanics Bac-Pro, metal structures Bac-Pro, transportation handling warehousing Bac-Pro etc.

The topics with the high school were learning about the school, understanding the concepts and methods of vocational training in Frace, exploring the possibility of training the teachers from the Automotive Engineering School of Zunyi Vocational and Technical College in Château d’Épluches High School and the possibility of the student exchange program, and cooperation between research teachers. The two sides talked also about the development of the French automotive industry and the possibility of cooperation in automotive engineering.

Visits of SWUPL in Spain and Portugal on human rights and think tank

Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) is the earliest higher political and legal institution in China. It is the Chinese university that trains the most professionals in law. Now the University has the Civil and Commercial Law School (Intellectual Property School), Law School, International Law School, Criminal Investigation School (National Security Institute), Politics and Public Management School etc. It has also The Human Rights Research Institute which is a substantive scientific research institution directly under the school. It is mainly engaged in human rights consultation, human rights theoretical research, human rights practice research, human rights education and training, and human rights external publicity. In July 2014, it was selected as the New Office of the State and the National Human Rights Education and Training Base of the Ministry of Education, in June 2017, it was selected as a national high-end think tank construction and training unit, in September 2017, he became the first batch of member units of the University’s High-end Think Tank Alliance.

Recently, the delegation of Human Rights Institute of SWUPL met with Elcano Royal Institute in Spain and OIDH in Portugal. They discussed the construction of think tank, human rights education, and the protection of human rights for special groups (women, children, and disabled etc. ).

The Elcano Royal Institute is a think tank specialised in international and strategic studies conducted from a Spanish, European and global perspective. Its goal is to promote knowledge of the current international situation and of Spain’s foreign relations, as well as to provide a focal point for debating and generating ideas that may prove useful in the decision-making processes of political office-holders, the leaders of private enterprises and public institutions, social actors and academics. The overall concern is to be a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and the search for consensus in a spirit dominated by the defence of democracy, multilateralism, the social market economy, freedom and human rights.

OIDH (Observatório Internacional de Direitos Humanos) is an international non-governmental organization. The main objectives of the OIDH are to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights, to contribute to raising awareness and strengthening the capacities of citizens, institutions and decentralized communities on the challenges of human rights in to prevent any political or social violence, to promote the culture of peace and the civic education of the populations in order to prevent social violence, and to protect human rights for special groups (women, children, and disabled etc. ).

High Fund Equity Investment fund management business and educational trip in Switzerland

High Fund (Guangzhou) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is China’s top real estate private equity asset management company, has two private equity management licenses. It won  » 2017-2018 Top Ten Investment Institutions in China’s Real Estate Industry « . The company has cooperated with large real estate developers such as Greenland Holdings, Shimao Group, Evergrande Real Estate Group, Country Garden etc., and has issued more than 30 fund products.

In November, the delegation of High Fund visited SBS Swiss Business School, REYL Bank and Vistra in Switzerland, to learn about the performance and development of the private equity industry and real estate market in Europe.

SBS Swiss Business School is a private business school located in Zurich with affiliated campuses in all over the world. SBS is a management institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy. It offers programs specialized in International Management, Finance, Marketing and other fields. It was awarded as « Most innovative Business School in Switzerland ». SBS delivers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs such as Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.

Active in the areas of consultancy and investment for private and institutional clients, the REYL Group distinguishes itself by its entrepreneurial and responsible independence and its constant quest for innovation. It helps to focus on providing effective solutions rather than selling undifferentiated products, forming partnerships rather than one-way relationships, personalizing while covering the world and acting with five complementary lines of business: wealth management, entrepreneur & family office services, corporate advisory & structuring, asset services and asset management.

Vistra Group is a global independent provider of trust, fiduciary, corporate and fund services. Its expertise and hands-on approach helps clients’ businesses run smoothly. Its 4,500 professionals working across 45 jurisdictions throughout all over the world maximize the global potential of businesses, funds and portfolios, providing the confidence and clarity they need. Vistra consistently delivers solutions with unrivalled speed and accuracy, which allows its clients to stay ahead of the game, always.