Visit of the delegation from Nanxun in Samois-sur-Seine

Recently, a delegation from Nanxun of ZheJiang visited in Samois-sur-Seine in France, the delegation is composed of four investment groups of Nanxun.

Zhe Jiang is one of the most developed provinces in China, Nan Xun is one of the oldest cities in China. The ancient city of Nan Xun is on the list of World Cultural Heritage. In Nan Xun, the infrastructures are in high performance, and the city has updated many projects to protect bridges with a hundred even a thousand years of history, and the tourism industry is also developed there.

After Chinese President XI Jinping’s visit to France in April, the Chinese government and more and more companies are attaching importance to cooperation with those of France. The two Presidents also spoke of infrastructure projects and cultural projects.

This time, the NanXun delegation met with Mr. Didier Maus, Mayor of Samois-sur-Seine, to talk about the current situation of tourism, agriculture, and urban planning in the Fontainebleau area, and conduct a visit. At the same time, they talked about how could Nanxun learn from the development model of Fontainebleau.

High Fund Equity Investment fund management business and educational trip in Switzerland

High Fund (Guangzhou) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is China’s top real estate private equity asset management company, has two private equity management licenses. It won ” 2017-2018 Top Ten Investment Institutions in China’s Real Estate Industry “. The company has cooperated with large real estate developers such as Greenland Holdings, Shimao Group, Evergrande Real Estate Group, Country Garden etc., and has issued more than 30 fund products.

In November, the delegation of High Fund visited SBS Swiss Business School, REYL Bank and Vistra in Switzerland, to learn about the performance and development of the private equity industry and real estate market in Europe.

SBS Swiss Business School is a private business school located in Zurich with affiliated campuses in all over the world. SBS is a management institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy. It offers programs specialized in International Management, Finance, Marketing and other fields. It was awarded as “Most innovative Business School in Switzerland”. SBS delivers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs such as Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.

Active in the areas of consultancy and investment for private and institutional clients, the REYL Group distinguishes itself by its entrepreneurial and responsible independence and its constant quest for innovation. It helps to focus on providing effective solutions rather than selling undifferentiated products, forming partnerships rather than one-way relationships, personalizing while covering the world and acting with five complementary lines of business: wealth management, entrepreneur & family office services, corporate advisory & structuring, asset services and asset management.

Vistra Group is a global independent provider of trust, fiduciary, corporate and fund services. Its expertise and hands-on approach helps clients’ businesses run smoothly. Its 4,500 professionals working across 45 jurisdictions throughout all over the world maximize the global potential of businesses, funds and portfolios, providing the confidence and clarity they need. Vistra consistently delivers solutions with unrivalled speed and accuracy, which allows its clients to stay ahead of the game, always.

The group of entrepreneurs from China met REYL Bank and F&P Robotics in Switzerland

We organized a DBA course in France for the entrepreneurs from China, who work on intelligent technology, industrial and investment. And the members visited in Switzerland REYL Bank and F&P Robotics.

The REYL Group sees its added value in its ability to truly take an interest in and respond in an innovative way to the real needs of its customers. With offices in Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States, the REYL Group employs more than 200 people in 9 major financial centers. A global presence associated with a human size that preserves the transversely of its activities and thus give its customers effective access to all its resources and skills.

F&P Robotics AG designs and manufactures innovative lightweight robots that work with people and bring them together, the company offer robots and also robotics solutions. It combines professional high technology with experienced robotics professionals through a young team with international talent. Its famous products are P-Rob and Barney which is the first Robot Bartender who can directly interact with guests.

A financial training in the UK of Hywin Financial Holding Group

Hywin Financial Holding Group was established in 1989, headquartered in China’s international financial center – the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in the city of Shanghai. Its business network covers the entire world, including over 50 Chinese cities, the US, the UK, and other countries and regions. Hywin holds or participates in several listed companies. By combining entity investment with industrial and financial capital, Hywin has developed a business system integrating five sectors: asset management, wealth management, inclusive finance, cultural tourism, and insurance. With its good reputation, competitive power, quality service, and experienced professional management team, Hywin has built a strong, complete, and efficient financial platform in China designed to provide safe and trustworthy financial services for domestic as well as foreign investors.

Hywin Financial Holding Group visited the UK for financial training and business exchange. They took the courses at Cambridge University and Oxford University, and visited the London Stock Exchange and UBS.

The theme of the delegation’s course at Cambridge University is “Overseas Expansion, Investment, and Global Value Chains of Family Business”. Through this course, members followed the professor to understand how family businesses formulate effective overseas expansion strategies, how to obtain opportunities and profits in global value chains, and how to resolve the problems encountered during overseas expansion, such as how to conduct cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and how to make international private equity investments etc.

The theme of the delegation’s course at Oxford University was “Leadership and Reform in Family Business”. At present, the actual control of many companies is still in the hands of the older generation of leaders, but they have gradually begun to be aged, and the main control will gradually be transferred to the younger generation. In the process of the two generations of shifts, because of conflicting ideas, poor communication and other reasons, they often have very sharp problems. Many second-generation entrepreneurs have a kind of confusion in the succession. In this course, we invited well-known scholars to deeply analyze the root of the problem from multiple aspects, and seek a better way to inherit the family business from reality.

UBS is the world’s largest and only truly global wealth manager. It provides financial advice and solutions to private, institutional and corporate clients all over the world. The operational structure of the firm is comprised of a corporate center and four business divisions: global wealth management, personal & corporate banking, asset management, and investment bank. During the meeting, the two sides discussed the bank system and financial system in two countries, and explored the possibility of cooperation.

During the trip, the delegation also visited the London Stock Exchange which is one of the four largest stock exchanges in the world. After learning about the introduction of the London Stock Exchange’s business and the prospects after Brexit, we worked with the London Stock Exchange on how London can maintain its status of the world financial center and how the London Stock Exchange can attract more Chinese and Far Eastern companies to come to London for a listing.

Business visit of health industry of the delegation from Dongying City of Shandong Province in France

The delegation from Dongying City of Shandong Province visited DHC Nutrition in France in February 2018, for the possibility of cooperation in health industry.

DHC Nutrition is a company in the health industry, it develops and makes for 25 years the dietary and nutritional products in the mark of its customers.

Located in Paris area, its food-processing team of nutritionists and engineers assists its clients from the design to the industrial production of their nutritional products according to a precise specifications in the respect for the European standards.

Western Property Company business trip in Germany

In September 2018, Western Property Company conducted a ten-day business visit in Germany, with the theme of property and artificial intelligence. They met Villa Clay, Dresden International University, JLL, NUTZ and HIH.

In 2016, VILLA CLAY opened a retirement home for people who needs care at the historic health center of the former Oskar Helene home in Berlin-Zehlendorf. During this meeting, Ms. Janssen introduced the group’s history, business mode and future plans, the delegation visited the retirement home to learn about the living conditions of the residents, and talked about the possibility of cooperation and also introduce in China.

Dresden International University GmbH (DIU) is a state-recognized private university with its headquarters in Dresden, which offers in-service bachelor and master programs. This time, the delegation took a whole day class of management of property. They learned about overview of german property management, and management related laws, information and automation application, also case studies.

JLL is a world leader in real estate services, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Lorf introduced the business scope of JLL, especially Leipzig, and why it is better than other property management companies to become a global leader in the industry. By visiting the city of Leipzig, Mr. Lorf introduced 4 commercial streets (Petersstraße, Grimmaische Straße, Hainstraße and Nikolaistraße) and Leipzig’s most important hotel “Höfe am Brühl” from the perspective of real estate management to explored the possibility of investing in Leipzig.

All over 40 years, NUTZ has successfully been at the forefront of its industry. In Germany and throughout Europe it’s a competent partner for electrical, data and security technology. The Manager Mr. Bucher introduced its building security control solutions (fire detection, intrusion detection, digital video technology, access control and time recording), building automation and other technologies.

The HIH Group (HIH Real Estate) is the leading provider of all-in-one real estate investment management in Germany. Its service range covers the entire life cycle of commercial real estate and extends from project development and the structuring of real estate investments through to asset and property management.  Heads of the headquarters Ms. Vanase and Mr. Eitel introduced Munich’s property management and real estate management business. Accompanied by Mr. Eitel and the head of the Munich branch, the delegation visited 3 properties managed by HIH and discussed the possibility of cooperation.

The meeting between China Jinmao and Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park

CHINA JINMAO HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED is a platform enterprise under the real estate and hotel segments of Sinochem Group, one of the top 500 world’s enterprises. On 17 August 2007, the Company was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. China Jinmao is a large-scale and high-end property developer and operator specialising in developing world-class artistic urban landmarks in pursuit of harmony between man, architecture and nature in adherence to its corporate mission of “Unleashing Future Vitality of the City”. Its business segments cover high-end property development, business and commercial leasing, hotel investments and operations as well as retail development and operation. Given its foresight on city potentials, China Jinmao introduces a series of state-of-the-art and mutually beneficial property planning concepts to the cities to enhance city hierarchies. As to its insight on customer’s needs, China Jinmao brings in a number of value-added amenities and high standard products to its projects to create value to the community. Leverage on its adherence to professional operation, China Jinmao integrates the world’s leading quality resources together with its persistent operation commitments to achieve an enhancement in regional functions and city vitality at large.

Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park is situated in Katowice – the capital of Silesian Voivodeship which belongs to most industrialized polish regions with dynamically developing economy.  The Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park is thematically focused on the development of energy-efficient technologies and energy saving in buildings. It is a place where business meets science. The Park implements its objectives by offering laboratories and research equipment, training and consulting services and facilitating access to knowledge and the results of the latest research from the sector. Additionally, the Park financially supports the establishment of technological companies, researches innovative ideas and has equity ties in new companies. It also coordinates the activities of the Cluster of Energy Saving Technology. As a specialized business-related institution it creates technical, organizational and institutional infrastructure which is necessary to ensure favourable conditions for the establishment and development of companies conducting research, development or innovative activities in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

This time, China Jinmao met with Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park for talking about green buildings, new materials, and new energy. Energy-efficient buildings of the Park provide an activity field for research centers. The Park, as a member of scientific and industrial consortia, conducted national research projects, which developed recommendations concerning RES implementation in buildings as well as guidelines concerning the design and use of buildings to minimize electric power consumption in them. Under the leadership of the responsible of the Park, China Jinmao visited the technical equipment, learned about its environmental protection principles and the direction of development of environmental protection in Europe. The two sides had in-depth discussions on how to cooperate in green energy.